Knowing Your Pipe--Trenchless Technology Pipe Selection Guide

What's Holding Back the Open-Cut Sewer Industry From Using HDD?

Continued Growth of Fiber to Homes

Determining the Best Approach For Underground Installation Projects


Based in Northern Arizona since 1990, we provide quality and cost effective utility construction services for small metropolitan and rural communities.  Our competencies in trenchless technologies bring cutting edge technologies to the communities that need them.

NCS, Inc. is the only trenchless contractor in the four corners area equipped for boring in cold weather/freezing conditions:

Top Trenchless Benefits for:

Contractors: The affordability of trenchless will increase your bottom line and win bids.

Engineers and Project Owners:  Lower overall costs of projects by designing trenchless into your projects.

Road Divisions:  Extend the lifetime of roadways by eliminating side to side road cuts.

General Public:  Less traffic restrictions and impact to the environment--simultaneously reduces commercial and residential disruption and pollution


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